March Highlights

MarchI haven’t been around for a while. Sorry about that. March has been so busy. We had our very first rental property inspection, which we were a bit nervous about. And our little man moved into a big boy bed. He is going so well with it, but it is still an adjustment and we are finding it is taking him longer to go to sleep. This in turn means, we don’t have as much time to ourselves as we used to.

House update

It turns out our builder is super slow, which is really disappointing. That being said our new house is in the roofing stage so it’s great to see some progress.


This month I managed to finish Darkness Comes by Dean Koontz.


Just something for laughs, here is a dog who’s foot is trying to steal his bone:

Have a great month everyone.

Loud n Proud – Speaking and Sleeping

bedThere is so many things that our little man is achieving right now that it’s hard to know what to choose for this Loud n Proud post. He has been hitting so many development milestones right down to being able to do some puzzles by himself. In the end I couldn’t choose just one, so here are my two:


I’ve mentioned before that our little man has had some issues with language delay, but in the past few weeks he has come so far. He is now babbling every chance he can get, trying to mimic our sounds. He even does his best to sing along to his favourite songs.  My favourite by far, is he has learnt his favourite sounds in his favourite story books. After we read to him, he flips through the books and when he hits the right page he lets out the correct sound – with gusto.


Our little man also learned how to climb out of his cot. So we have packed the cot away and he has started sleeping in a mattress on the floor. We were all prepared for nights of continually and endlessly having to put him back in his bed until he finally learnt that’s where sleeping happens. It took a couple of hours on our first go (a midday nap) and then he fell asleep. That night, he just stayed in his bed until he fell asleep. And now (usually at midday) we only have to put him back into bed a couple of times before he stays there.

What are you Loud n Proud about?

Not My Year Off

February Highlights

FebruaryFebruary is such a short month but that didn’t stop it being pretty crazy.

Not only was our little man sick this month but he fell over on concrete and got his first ever scraped knee. He was such a tough guy and he didn’t make a fuss and kept on playing. That is until nearly 24hrs later and he noticed his injury. After getting quite upset, I ended up showing him one of my injuries (I always have at least one). After a good few minutes of comparing wounds he decided that everything was okay.

Not only did our little man get his first scraped knee, but he also managed to climb and fall out of his cot. He luckily fell onto his butt and didn’t get any major injuries. But it’s is now time for the cot to go and start getting him used to a toddler bed.

Our puppy, decided to get in on the action and ended up eating a used wet one. After consulting the vet, we decided to play it safe and force him to vomit it up rather than wait and hope he manages to digest it. We have never had a problem with him eating things he wasn’t meant to before, so we are changing how we do a few things to stop it happening again.

In case that wasn’t enough, we had an earthquake! We just don’t get them here. Nothing major though. For us there was just a little bit of shaking and honestly, I slept right through it.

We also got hit with a cyclone in the last weeks of the month. Queensland regularly gets hit with cyclones in summer but this one was lower than normal. It intensified to a category 5 really quickly then crossed the coast. Yeppoon and Rockhampton got the worst of it and by the time it went over us it was back to being a rain depression. However with all that rain, comes flooding. Our current house and the one we are building are both at the top of hills so they both remained safe. However, we now realise that when the flash flooding does happen we will not be able to leave or get into the estate our new house is in.


this is where we go to playgroup



Speaking of our new house we signed the final papers and work has started. We currently have a slab!


Guest Post

I had an awesome opportunity to write for Mommy Run Fast this month. All about how to exercise when you don’t feel like exercising. Which was perfect timing because at the moment it feels like I don’t feel like exercising everyday.

Health Kick

I’m struggling at the moment. I’m still exercising every day but it isn’t as enjoyable as it was when I started. But I have managed to upgrade from beginner.

Also struggling with snacking and am doing my best to get back to more nutritious snacks.


This month I have finished:

  • The Conspiracy Club by Jonathon Kellerman
  • Dark Hallow by John Connelly


This month been still trying healthy recipes, my favourite of these is a healthy version of bread pudding with cherries and dark chocolate. For Valentines Day, I made some heart shaped cinnamon rolls, which were so amazing (The recipe I used is over at the minimalist baker – though I just used a milk glaze for on top).

Cinnamon roll

And for my brother’s birthday, I made this apple crumble cheese cake.



We didn’t get to to much fun stuff this month with Nick being sick and their being a cyclone and all but we did manage to do a couple of thing and to sign up to our local library. We are lucky and have a great local libray, complete with toy library section, a tv/dvd section and a colouring in station. Nick loved it so much I struggled to get him to come back home.

February Favs

From the net

I was totally freaked out by 11 Items in your House That could be killing you.  I am going to look into these more as we use quite a few of these items.

The title got me on my moral high horse but after reading I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical, it really made sense to me. I really hope to find that nice middle ground.

I loved how everyone rallied around to save a Autistic boy’s 6th birthday.


Some of the best expressions ever!

This dog is so cute trying to make up for stealing a toy:

Which type of mum are you? Again, I’m hoping for a nice middle ground.

How was your February?

Meal Time Etiquette According to a 2 year Old

Brunch is over MGD©Honestly, our little man is really good at meal times.  He is not that fussy and will eat most foods.

However he is still at the age where he likes things to be done a certain way, and he as a few meal time quirks. If our little man could talk, this is what he would tell you about how you should conduct yourself during meal times:

  1. Get food placed in front of you. Push the plate away while saying “no”, so hopefully will get something better.
  2. Get given a small drink (must be in a cup – no bottles here).
  3. Drink all of drink.
  4. See that everyone else is eating. Start eating.
  5. Once all the best stuff has been eaten, try to get the good stuff of parent’s plates.
  6. Stop eating.
  7. Get bribed to eat by getting a mouthful of water in my cup for every bite of food I take.
  8. Get bored of the water and stop eating.
  9. Put one piece of food in empty cup and eat/drink it.
  10. Keep repeating step 9.
  11. Realise that all the food that has fallen on the floor has been cleaned by a dutiful dog who is now waiting hopefully for more food to drop.
  12. Get some food and try to inconspicuously put it low enough so the dog can be feed at the table without anyone noticing.
  13. Get busted for trying to feed the dog.
  14. Eat a little more.
  15. Try and feed mummy.
  16. Start talking and playing. No food should be eaten at this point but should somehow still end up covering you, the chair and the floor.
  17. Decide that you have eaten enough and get permission to leave the table.
  18. Once moved you from the table to begin getting cleaned up, grab at the food like it’s a long lost brother.
  19. Get put back at the table.
  20. Repeat step 17.
  21. Repeat step 18.
  22. Leave entire dining room for parents to clean.

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Why We Quit Speech Therapy

speech-bubblesI guess that title should be “Why we Quit Speech Therapy, but I’m Still Glad we Went”. Late last year I mentioned we enrolled Nick into speech therapy. This year we decided to cancel his appointments and give it a bit of a rest.

Our main reason for looking into his speech delay, was because we were worried that something was wrong (possibly with his hearing). We were well aware, that if he did have any issues, that the earlier they were identified, the easier it would be for him to overcome his obstacles. After discovering his hearing was fine, we were recommended to go to Speech Therapy. We aren’t trained in Language Development, so it seemed like a good idea. And it has been really helpful.

The first appointment was the therapist observing  our little man and then she explained the language development process to us and which step our little man was at. Then we got helpful suggestions on what we can do to help him along.

The second appointment was pretty much the same thing (we did lots of sound activities), and I got the development process explained to me again. Although it was a bit repetitive, it was good to be able to ask questions after having a fortnight to try her suggestions at home.

At this point though, fortnightly sessions seems really frequent. The therapist can’t do much more than she already has right now, and it’s up to us to put her suggestions into practice. Our little guy isn’t going to develop so fast that we need fortnightly check ups.

Now that we know our little man doesn’t have any disabilities,we are happy to let him develop at the rate in which he develops. Still, I will always be grateful that we went to speech therapy, it helped put us on the right track. And our little man’s development and confidence has grown in leaps and bounds since we started.

Have you or your kids ever been in a program where it seemed like it was a bit too much/full on?

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January Highlights

januaryHuge News! Our little man turned 2. He is growing up so fast!

We had a party for him in the park. It started at 9 and it was already 35°C (95°F). Everyone was just sweltering. We all still had a great time though. And Nick’s favourite gift? This $2 Etch A Sketch that I bought for the pass the parcel.


Also we got air conditioning installed at our house! After suffering really hot and muggy days, a cool change has come through since the installation, so we haven’t actually used it.


Managed to get two books read this month:

  • The Collectors by David Baldacci (no 2 in Camel Club Series)
  • Chronicles of Steele: Raven by Pauline Creeden


I have been trying to stay healthy so I have been trying to stay to healthy recipes, like Berry and Pear Cobbler and Beetroot Whoopie Pies.

Of course, I had to go big for Nick’s birthday cake, and since he loves the bubble guppies, I made a Bubble Guppy inspired design.


Fave Videos

Being on a health kick, this song really spoke to me, lol;

This is the sweetest thing ever! Those photos must be so special:

I don’t know anything about baseball, but this is hilarious:


How was your January?

10 Easy Sound activities

One of the things that we were told in speech therapy is to make a lot more sounds. The idea is for them to be over the top, enthusiastic and lots of fun. Hopefully these should suck Nick in and he will start mimicking the sounds more to give him the building blocks for talking.

It’s not really me and I have found it hard to do random babbling so trying to do lots of different sounds play with lots of energy and enthusiasm has been a little challenging. Here are ten of the sounds we have found really easy to introduce into our day.

1. Hugs and Kisses

First easy way is with hugs and kisses. When I give Nick a hug I will give him an extra little squeese and go “rrrr”.  When we give kisses we do a big over exaggerated sound “mmmmm-mwah”. Nick has also been practising with a big teddy by giving hugs and kissing his nose.

2 Opening Mouth/Teething Cleaning

When we are cleaning Nick’s teeth or just want to open his mouth in general we have been going “ahhhhhh”.

3 More

When Nick is finished with his food and drink we are asking him if he wants “mmmmm-ore”

4 Up

When it’s time to lift Nick we give a big excited “ahhhhhh-p”

5 Pop ups and Bubbles

We have a pop up toy that we can go “pop” when each one pops up. This is even more effective when hiding behind a coffee table and you pop up as well. Or we just blow some bubbles and go “pop” every time Nick pops one.

6 Cars

An easy one for sure, driving toy cars around and going “vvvv-room” and also “beeeeeep, beeeeep” for reversing.

7 Eating

Using his pretend food we are eating lots of yummy foods and going “nom nom nom”. We are even pretending to eat the food when there is some in his story book

8 Nose

When we are playing with faces we will find his nose and go “nnnnnn-ose”

9 Balloon

We blow up a balloon and then pull the mouth piece while Nick squeezes it. While the air is making that high pitched squeal it does we are going “eeeeeeeeee”

10 Animals Book

We have a book that has all the animals making noises we are playing with this book at least twice a day. We read through it pressing the animal buttons and joining in with all the noises they make. We also have lots of fun after we have read it, and whichever button Nick presses we have to vocally pretend to be that animal. Nick spends the whole time laughing and has been joining in pretending to be the animals. We also have some word books that we are using is a similar fashion.

It was really hard to exaggerate sounds to begin with, but it’s slowly going starting to become second nature. I just hope I can stop when I get some adult conversion ;P.

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New Years Resolutions

Are you for or against new years resolutions? I’m a bit torn, I think it’s great to have a time to review your previous year and work out what you want from the new year. I don’t however, see the point of waiting to start a resolution that you have made with yourself earlier in the year. You will never be motivated as much as you are when you first decide on the resolution.

It’s a bit later in the month (had my son’s 2nd birthday to attend to first) but here are the things that I want to get out of 2015.

Be Heathier

This I actually decided and started this in mid-December. I made it through Christmas and Boxing Day okay, but started to waver in resolve with my husband’s birthday and new years. By the time Nick’s birthday was about a week away I gave up so I could just focus on his party. Once the party had finished, I took the rest of the weekend off and started up again on the Monday. Coming into a week now and feeling really good. Hoping my taste-buds have adapted and I have worked out all the sugar cravings.

Learn to Sew

I really want to learn how to sew my own clothes. I spent the last half of 2014 researching sewing, so this year I want to start trying to put something into action. We have a lot on this year, with building a new house, moving into said house, and just generally keeping up with a 2 year old. So I am hoping to make at least one item of clothing this year.


I love reading, so no surprise that I want to read more! I’m going to try and see how many books I can finish this year. Again, with so much on, I would be reading less than I would like, but if I could finish at least one a month I will be happy.


I love baking but I am on my health kick, so for a while I want to learn new healthier recipes.


Last year I started to teach myself the piano. I got C position, melodic and harmonic intervals and the C, G7 and F chords down pat and just started learning the G position and sharps. I hope to continue this and get better and better.

Most importantly, Lots and Lots of Fun Stuff

Now two, Nick is in a really fun stage. His world is opening up and he is really starting to take notice of what’s happening around him. I want 2015 to be full of fun activites, games and outings.

Those are my resolutions. I’m trying to keep it small, simple and realistic. What are yours?

December 2014 Highlights

What a month December has been! Not only has Nick started going to speech therapy, but we have taken our dog to the dermatologist to see why he is always so itchy. First step is a exclusion diet, so he can only have meat and about 4 different vegetables for the next 6 weeks. If it’s not food that he is reacting to, then the next step will be to give him a skin test.

We spent a good portion of our month going around and picking out things like tiles and organising all the electrical plans for our new house, so we are all really excited. We are hoping that the building will start in January.

Our current house sale has now gone through settlement and we are officially renting our place. Our new landlord has installed fans and the air conditioning is going to be put in next week. This is so amazing, because it has been HOT! To give you an idea, I’m writing this at 9:30 at night and the temperature has only come down to 28°C (82°F) and the humidity is around 75%. Needless to say, we are all ready to have air conditioning.

Dispite this heat (and a week before Christmas – crazy talk) I started getting serious about eating healthier and exercising. Two weeks later and I’m still going pretty strong, though I did let have a few (but limited) indulgences on Christmas, Boxing Day, My husband’s birthday and New Years Eve. I’m really starting to get into a good routine with exercise and I’ve been showing restraint on eating baked goods (didn’t even know I had restraint when it came to baked goods).

We had a great Christmas time, and even got to go to a Christmas tree/carols event with Nick’s playgroup friends. Santa was there and there was lots of food, fun and music. Nick had such a great time, we are definitely going back next year.

Hope every one had a great Christmas and New Year, and lets have a great 2015.


Nothing Makes me smile more than babies laughing:

Remember, ice cream is important:

As someone who has long hair, all I can say is YES:

How many of these thought have you done?

Language Delay

So one of the things we have been looking at in the past few weeks is Nick’s language skills. Now that he is nearing two, he is quite behind the average.  Nick’s non-verbal communication is great, and I am starting to notice his comprehension really take off, but he doesn’t really have many words. We are not so concerned if he is developing late, but if he does have any issues/problems, his life will be immensely easier if they are picked up now.


Off to the GP we went and the GP was also concerned about Nick’s development. After trying some activities to see if Nick would hear him, he was also worried about his hearing. So our first port of call was to get Nick a hearing test. He passed with flying colours and can definitely hear. Back to the GP and we got a referral for speech therapy.

We have just finished our first session, they did a bit of filming so they can review it and work out a program and goals for him. In the meantime, we are forgetting about words and have been trying to make lots of sounds in hopes Nick will start mimicking us. I have noticed he has had a couple of goes at mimicking, but not a lot (though we are in early days).

Has anyone had any experience with speech therapy or language delays? I would love to hear your experiences.