Trying to Conceive Round 3 Weeks 4-7

FootprintThis is only a recount of my experiences, please remember that everyone is different and if you are going though the same issues please consult a doctor before starting any treatments.

4 Weeks

I have managed to upgrade from the beginners exercise calendar to the regular calendar. So glad I found this calendar. It’s been really motivating and it is really helping that an exercise plan is laid out for me without me having to think about it.

Unfortunately, I have started to suffer from Hot flushes. Really, really bad hot flushes. Especially at night. They are so horrible. It gets so hot and I break out into sweats. Normally, I would have thought they were part of the medication but I finished taking that weeks ago. We researched what it could be and decided to take a pregnancy test, just in case, and if it is negative go to the doctor to figure out where these are coming from.

The pregnancy test came back negative (no surprise it’s still a bit early, even for someone with a regular cycle), but I didn’t go to the doctor. A cyclone hit the coast so it was more advisable to stay inside, while we did we were looking at the effects of clomid and a lot of people got hot flashes starting weeks after they actually took the medication. Okay, so no issue here, just side effects. Really horrible side effects. I’m just hoping I’m not like the lady who had the hot flashes last for months.

5 Weeks

I’m struggling to keep exercising at the moment. I’m really not feeling good. I’m not sleeping, feeling nauseated and still have the hot flashes. Going to stop exercising for the moment until I start improving. I don’t think the healthy living is doing much to help anyway.

6 Weeks

Some people just know when they are pregnant. I am so not one of those people. Will do a pregnancy test at the end of nest week.

I’m starting to hope I’m pregnant just so I won’t have to go through these symptoms again. However, the very next day at Our Little Man’s playgroup to of the babies were looking at each other and then started holding hands. Nope, definitely want to be pregnant so we can have another little bubba.

As for the symptoms, I’m trying to take a mind over matter approach. And while they are still there I think they are lighter somewhat.

7 Weeks

With the lack of exercise, my diet is starting to fail, and my eating is returning to what it was.

I was nervous about the pregnancy test and it seem rightfully so since it was negative. However, in some good news, the hot flashes have finally started to disappear.

Trying to Conceive Round 3 0-3 Weeks

dummy and bottleThis is only a recount of my experiences, please remember that everyone is different and if you are going though the same issues please consult a doctor before starting any treatments.

0 Weeks

Round three has finally started! Unfortunately, it’s while I was taking the hormone altering medication, that a string of pregnancy announcements have happened. Suddenly it feels like everyone around me is pregnant (or just had a baby). I’m trying hard to be 100% happy for them, but it stings. I managed to get out a congratulations plus a few questions, before going somewhere private to shed a few tears. Honestly, there is no harder reminder that you can’t have children , than a pregnancy announcement. I’m hoping that once I finish the Metformin and Clomid rounds that things will get a little easier and I can get my emotions under control a little easier.

1 Week

As a general rule, we don’t tell anyone when we are trying for a baby. It’s already hard enough with constant disappointments. We don’t really want to add any (well meaning) people constantly asking how things are going, stating how sad it is, or giving “helpful” pieces of advice.

However, my bestie guessed we were trying (the health kick was reminiscent of the one we did to conceive Our Little Man) so we came out and told her. It is a little bit of a relief having someone else to talk to about it.

2 Weeks

We went and got a scan done and we have one follicle bigger than the others. The only problem is, it is way smaller than it should be at this time. The Dr said to try and if there is no luck at 28 days, to start again on the next cycle.

We have also started to monitor my temps of a morning to see if we can pinpoint ovulation. That is, if it happens.

Unfortuneately my Bestie had to quit exercising due to an injury. I’m worried that my motivation will wane now that I don’t have an exercise buddy. I’m going to do my best to stay strong though.

3 Weeks

Once again, nothing happening this week. I still have managed to keep on the exercise and healthy eating despite losing my exercise buddy, I’m just hoping it all helps and we will get some good news soon.


Trying to Conceive Round 2 Weeks 3-6

BootiesThis is only a recount of my experiences, please remember that everyone is different and if you are going though the same issues please consult a doctor before starting any treatments.

3 Weeks

Not much in the way of progress this week. The holidays have come and gone and I have managed to stay pretty strong with the healthy eating (exercise is a little less strong but still exercising more than I’m not). I guess when it may mean the difference between having and not having a baby, my willpower gets a little stronger.

4 Weeks

Technically we are in/nearing the zone where a pregnancy test will be able to return a result. Honestly I don’t want to do it. I know what the answer will be and I don’t want the disappointment.

5 Weeks

My face ended up going all red and puffy so I went to the doctor after it didn’t fade during the whole day. One of the things we needed to rule out was my skin being overly sensitive due to pregnancy. So I did a pregnancy test.

The test was negative, but I have also done a blood test (testing for possible allergies and pregnancy – just in case). So there we go. Not exactly the way I imagined the pregnancy test going down.

I have also stopped exercising for the moment. I just don’t have time. My son’s 2nd birthday is on Saturday and I’m trying to organise a party. I have however talked to a friend and she is going to join me in the exercise calendar I’m doing, when I start back up again. We have decided to start on the Monday after our little man’s birthday.

6 Weeks

The blood test came back. I’m definitely not pregnant. It was a definitely an allergic reaction, but it wasn’t any of the things that we tested for. Funnily enough, it’s not as hard to take as the first negative pregnancy test.

I was ready to start the next cycle, but I didn’t want to be medication moody while trying to give Our Little Man his birthday party. So I the first primlut the afternoon after his party and now it’s just waiting until it’s time to start taking the metformin and clomid.

My Bestie and I started the exercise calendar a couple of days ago and I’m feeling good. I have managed to complete it every single day so far.

Trying to Conceive Week 8 – Round 2 Week 2

FootprintThis is only a recount of my experiences, please remember that everyone is different and if you are going though the same issues please consult a doctor before starting any treatments.

8 Weeks

We returned home from holidays to get a message from our doctor, saying that there was a cancellation and they could see us that afternoon. So I hot-tailed it over there and now we are going to try another cycle before they shut down for the holidays!

So I have started to take the medication to get the party started (so buying them wasn’t a waste of money after all), and we will see where this cycle takes us.

Round 2

0 Weeks

So we have started again. This time I’m not excited, but nervous and worried. I’m just hoping this round will be better. This time around I will be just having the clomid again (apparently there have been studies since Our Little Man which indicates Metaformin isn’t as effective as they thought). I will also be having an extra scan this time to see if some extra FSH injections will help, so nothing to do but take my medications and wait.

1 Week

I went for my scan at day six and nothing seems to be happening. The Dr has recommended FSH injections to aid in the follicle growth, but after my husband and I discussed it, we decided against it. We figure that the FSH injections have a lot more risk attached to it (though I would only be having a small amount). Even though using clomid/metaformin combination isn’t considered as effective as it used to be, it was effective for us last time, so why wouldn’t we try that combination again first.

We have discussed it with the doctor and now we are going to try a Clomid and Metaformin round next cycle and then if that fails, we will try a cycle with FSH injections after that.

2 Weeks

I had my scan at day ten. No lead or dominate follicles. Disappointing that this round looks like a bust. No real chance of anything, but we will give it a go anyway. After researching it some more, we decided we wanted to double the dose of clomid next round. Not sure why the dr hasn’t suggested upping the clomid, as it seems your body can start to get resistant. After discussing it over the phone with the dr, he has said a double dose of clomid will be fine and won’t harm anyone, just the side effects will be doubly as strong.

The other thing we have been researching is about people having issues (miscarriages and such) after having repeated doses of clomid as it can thin out uterine lining. So we are going to do one more round after this (taking us up to three) and then give my body a small break before starting again.

Hubby and I were talking about what might of been different when we conceived Our Little Man to now and one of the things that really stood out was I was coming off a crazy restrictive health kick and was eating quite healthily. So I have renewed passion to start eating healthily and exercising. Hopefully it will all count.

Trying to Conceive Weeks 4-7

BootiesThis is only a recount of my experiences, please remember that everyone is different and if you are going though the same issues please consult a doctor before starting any treatments.

Week 4

The wait is terrible. As each day passes, my hope keeps building. It’s hard not to try and look for signs that your body has some precious cargo on board. My stomach being unsettled or being sensitive to pungent smells. It’s hard to keep in perspective that I’ve just been sick and I was probably in a particularly odorous location.

The time is starting to near when we can do a pregnancy test, and I am trying to squash any hope I have. I don’t want to be built up for a fall. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, the hope builds with each passing day. All I can do now is hope that it’s not an empty.

Also not helping, is the fact we are trying to sell our home. The stress, the pace, the lack of sleep, is all starting to take its toll. We are continually eating out, takeaway and fast food, because we don’t have the time to cook. It’s making me feel really lethargic and heavy. I’m really excited because the photos of our house are done today and that means tonight we go back to our regular home cooked meals. I feel like my body is crying out for the nutrients that have been withheld from our diet.

Week 5

Coming from last week where I was so sure that we were pregnant, this week started with me being sure that I wasn’t. I was so upset, but nothing has happened either way. I was really starting to feel the failure when, Our Little Man came and gave me the biggest hug ever. It really helped me get back on track.

We can now technically do a pregnancy test, but Hubby wants to wait for as long as possible as to not waste a pregnancy test. I’m sick of waiting and just want to know. We have come to a compromise and we are going to take the test in half a week.

Week 6

Heartbreaking news – we are not pregnant. The test came back negative. I know this is just the first step in our journey but it’s still a hard blow. I think the hardest thing is trying to give up my preconceived ideas of perfect. If this would have worked there would have been a perfect age gap between our little man and the new baby. If this would have worked we would have been able to have a baby born in winter (because it was horrible being really pregnant in a Queensland summer).

Anyway, we decided to make a booking with the doctor we used to get our little man, as we didn’t like the doctor we were using this time round. I didn’t like how hands off he was and how it took over 24hrs and multiple phone calls for him to get in contact with us.

Week 7

We had a holiday this week, and I just took it off. I had a break from trying to avoid the things in case I was pregnant, from work, from trying to eating healthy, from organising our house to be built and from selling our current house.

We went to a holiday house and spent the week at the beach and just relaxed. It was seriously refreshing and I have now regrouped to start the pregnancy process over again.

Twinkly Tuesday


Trying to Conceive weeks 0-3

BootiesThis is only a recount of my experiences, please remember that everyone is different and if you are going though the same issues please consult a doctor before starting any treatments.

0 Weeks

I’m trying not to be as excited as I am, but I can’t help it. This week we are starting the medications that will hopefully give Nick a sibling. We have been “trying” for about 5 months but we knew nothing would happen. Now we are trying for real. I’m trying to not get excited in case the clomid doesn’t work, but it’s hard because it worked first go for Nick. After a lot of Ums and Ahs over when would be the right time to start (due to building a new house), my body started a cycle all by itself so we decided that now is the time! (though I wish it started before I bought the medication to actually start it).

So for those that haven’t read my previous post, I have PCOS. Basically my body doesn’t produce the right chemicals levels throughout the month and my follicles don’t mature and release. All in all, it becomes difficult to conceive because I don’t ovulate. To conceive, we have to have some medications that move my hormones to create the trigger for ovulation. This time around, we are only taking the clomid and not the metamorfin as well. By all rights, the metamorfin should be doing nothing for me as it’s for those that are overweight. Our previous doctor prescribed it as he thought it couldn’t hurt. Our current doctor, figured we will give the clomid a go and if it doesn’t work by itself, then we can try some cycles with the metamorfin included.

At this point, I’m really working with Nick to help him become as independent as possible. That way whenever we manage to have a new little one, Nick won’t need to be picked up, etc. He absolutely loves being “a big boy”. Every time I give him a new challenge, he completes it with flying colours and starts looking for the next.

1 Week

So everything is done. Medication has been taken, scan has been booked. Now all that’s left is to wait. I hate waiting so much. It won’t be for another half a week before we can see what effect the clomid has had. The closer to the scan I get, the more nervous I become. I really want this to work so much.

What happens from here is we will get a scan to see how many follicles the medication has matured, then if there is one (only one), we will start trying to conceive.

2 Weeks

The day of my scan came and I ended up really sick. I drank the litre water I needed and then threw it up, so I had to drink it again. I managed to get through it though. And after a lot of calls our doctor finally got back to us. He said that we didn’t have a dominant follicle and to skip this cycle and with the next one the ultrasound a couple of days later in the cycle.

I was devastated, but my husband had lots of questions, after calling the doctor a lot more, he got back to us again. Turns out, while we don’t have a dominate follicle we do have one that is larger than the rest and could still be growing. The doc told me that when he said skip this cycle he meant we stop monitoring it. Right. With the assurances that we definitely only have one follicle (don’t really want multiples if we can avoid it), we are starting to try to conceive.

3 Weeks

We have done all we can do. It either worked or it didn’t. There is no way to know right now.

Twinkly Tuesday

How to Make Shopping with Kids Fun

I’m just going to put this out there. Grocery shopping is boring. It’s boring for adults, and it’s really boring for kids.

With our first few shops, we went through all the tantrums and pain, and slowly got a routine that worked for both myself and our little guy. Here are some ideas you can try to make your shop a little less painful.

Take Food


Our little man hated sitting in a shopping trolley. It would always result in a tantrum. Since the stores open fairly close to his morning tea time anyway, I take his morning tea along with us. Once he is in the trolley, he gets his morning tea, and although it only usually last halfway up the first aisle, he is instantly in a happier mood for the rest of the shop.


This one takes a bit of work for me, because it’s still a one sided conversation. However, having a chat or in my case saying whatever crosses my mind helps keep the child interested and involved. For our little guy it is also helping with his language development.



We always bring a bag of toys along to our weekly shop. Though sometimes I feel like I’m spending the whole shopping trip picking them up, they are great boredom busters.



Books are another great boredom buster and even though our little man can’t read yet he loves flipping through books and will be entertained for quite a while.



Having the utensils for drawing is another way to keep your kids occupied. Our little man ended up with more pen on him than what was on his paper so we ended up switching to a magnetised drawing board.


We don’t do this yet because our little guy is still to young, but a great idea is having activities for you kids to complete. You could get them a puzzle book, or create your own to help involve them with the shopping. For example, shopping bingo or you could have a picture or word list for them to tick off as you get your items.



Our little guy’s favourite thing to do with the shopping is to help. I hand him things and he will put them into the trolley.

However, I have had to stop handing him the fruit and veges because he started taking them out of the bag and trying to eat them. Instead he has been helping me count as we put the fruit into their bags.

Getting it Delivered

If all else fails and shopping is painful beyond all belief, get it delivered. We got our groceries delivered for the first year and a half of our little man’s life, just to make things easier. There are many great benefits, as you don’t need to spend the day at the shops and it is unpacked in your kitchen for you.

A Few More Tips

  • Go when your child is the happiest – for us it is as early as we can get there. The later we are, the more cranky things become.
  • Bring an Umbrella – It took us once to come out of the shops to rain before I made sure I always have small bag size umbrella. There is nothing worse than it raining and you have to get yourself, your child and your groceries in the car. Not to mention the trolley back in the trolley bay.
  • Find the best Car park – I try to aim for as close to a trolley bay as possible. If you have a little one and it’s not to hot you can put them straight in a trolley instead of having to carry them in. When you come out, your little one can go straight in the car, out of the sun, because you don’t need to walk back to the trolley bay.

What do you do to make your shopping easier?

March Highlights

MarchI haven’t been around for a while. Sorry about that. March has been so busy. We had our very first rental property inspection, which we were a bit nervous about. And our little man moved into a big boy bed. He is going so well with it, but it is still an adjustment and we are finding it is taking him longer to go to sleep. This in turn means, we don’t have as much time to ourselves as we used to.

House update

It turns out our builder is super slow, which is really disappointing. That being said our new house is in the roofing stage so it’s great to see some progress.


This month I managed to finish Darkness Comes by Dean Koontz.


Just something for laughs, here is a dog who’s foot is trying to steal his bone:

Have a great month everyone.

Loud n Proud – Speaking and Sleeping

bedThere is so many things that our little man is achieving right now that it’s hard to know what to choose for this Loud n Proud post. He has been hitting so many development milestones right down to being able to do some puzzles by himself. In the end I couldn’t choose just one, so here are my two:


I’ve mentioned before that our little man has had some issues with language delay, but in the past few weeks he has come so far. He is now babbling every chance he can get, trying to mimic our sounds. He even does his best to sing along to his favourite songs.  My favourite by far, is he has learnt his favourite sounds in his favourite story books. After we read to him, he flips through the books and when he hits the right page he lets out the correct sound – with gusto.


Our little man also learned how to climb out of his cot. So we have packed the cot away and he has started sleeping in a mattress on the floor. We were all prepared for nights of continually and endlessly having to put him back in his bed until he finally learnt that’s where sleeping happens. It took a couple of hours on our first go (a midday nap) and then he fell asleep. That night, he just stayed in his bed until he fell asleep. And now (usually at midday) we only have to put him back into bed a couple of times before he stays there.

What are you Loud n Proud about?

Not My Year Off

February Highlights

FebruaryFebruary is such a short month but that didn’t stop it being pretty crazy.

Not only was our little man sick this month but he fell over on concrete and got his first ever scraped knee. He was such a tough guy and he didn’t make a fuss and kept on playing. That is until nearly 24hrs later and he noticed his injury. After getting quite upset, I ended up showing him one of my injuries (I always have at least one). After a good few minutes of comparing wounds he decided that everything was okay.

Not only did our little man get his first scraped knee, but he also managed to climb and fall out of his cot. He luckily fell onto his butt and didn’t get any major injuries. But it’s is now time for the cot to go and start getting him used to a toddler bed.

Our puppy, decided to get in on the action and ended up eating a used wet one. After consulting the vet, we decided to play it safe and force him to vomit it up rather than wait and hope he manages to digest it. We have never had a problem with him eating things he wasn’t meant to before, so we are changing how we do a few things to stop it happening again.

In case that wasn’t enough, we had an earthquake! We just don’t get them here. Nothing major though. For us there was just a little bit of shaking and honestly, I slept right through it.

We also got hit with a cyclone in the last weeks of the month. Queensland regularly gets hit with cyclones in summer but this one was lower than normal. It intensified to a category 5 really quickly then crossed the coast. Yeppoon and Rockhampton got the worst of it and by the time it went over us it was back to being a rain depression. However with all that rain, comes flooding. Our current house and the one we are building are both at the top of hills so they both remained safe. However, we now realise that when the flash flooding does happen we will not be able to leave or get into the estate our new house is in.


this is where we go to playgroup



Speaking of our new house we signed the final papers and work has started. We currently have a slab!


Guest Post

I had an awesome opportunity to write for Mommy Run Fast this month. All about how to exercise when you don’t feel like exercising. Which was perfect timing because at the moment it feels like I don’t feel like exercising everyday.

Health Kick

I’m struggling at the moment. I’m still exercising every day but it isn’t as enjoyable as it was when I started. But I have managed to upgrade from beginner.

Also struggling with snacking and am doing my best to get back to more nutritious snacks.


This month I have finished:

  • The Conspiracy Club by Jonathon Kellerman
  • Dark Hallow by John Connelly


This month been still trying healthy recipes, my favourite of these is a healthy version of bread pudding with cherries and dark chocolate. For Valentines Day, I made some heart shaped cinnamon rolls, which were so amazing (The recipe I used is over at the minimalist baker – though I just used a milk glaze for on top).

Cinnamon roll

And for my brother’s birthday, I made this apple crumble cheese cake.



We didn’t get to to much fun stuff this month with Nick being sick and their being a cyclone and all but we did manage to do a couple of thing and to sign up to our local library. We are lucky and have a great local libray, complete with toy library section, a tv/dvd section and a colouring in station. Nick loved it so much I struggled to get him to come back home.

February Favs

From the net

I was totally freaked out by 11 Items in your House That could be killing you.  I am going to look into these more as we use quite a few of these items.

The title got me on my moral high horse but after reading I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical, it really made sense to me. I really hope to find that nice middle ground.

I loved how everyone rallied around to save a Autistic boy’s 6th birthday.


Some of the best expressions ever!

This dog is so cute trying to make up for stealing a toy:

Which type of mum are you? Again, I’m hoping for a nice middle ground.

How was your February?